Artist Sigrid Brunel

A true citizen of the world, Sigrid Brunel was born in Berlin and raised in Ethiopia where she was educated in French schools. Art being her main interest and love, she won prizes for her drawings and essays in school and after graduating took private lessons in painting.

Sigrid moved to Munich and continued her studies at the Cultural Institute of Art until her desire to see more of the world brought her to San Francisco. There she fell in love with sailing and eventually bought a boat, learned to navigate, and set sail for the South Pacific. For 15 years she sailed the waters of Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands, capturing on canvas the enchanting beauty of the islands and their exotic women. Her exhibitions in Munich, Durban, Cap Town, Lima, Tahiti, and Maui were crowned with success.

Sigrid has lived in Hawaii for twenty years, nine of which were spent in Maui where her work has been in several jury art shows.  Sigrid currently resides in Las Vegas.

Sigrid Brunel:        (702) 658-7707


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